BASHA Semi Order Dress B-9

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Corresponds to the Semi-Order

Color/Size changeable!

We can change the color and size as your request.
And we can change the desigen of the sample dress also.
Please make a haute couture dress by changing color and design.

Grade Up!

* Stone increment
Regular stones 1000grains 5000JPY,
Preciosa 1000grains 10000JPY
Swarovski 1000grains 20000JPY

* Grade grade Up of the stones
If you want to use preciosa or Swarovski , we will re-estimate the price.

* You can Upgrade the fabric. (It is possible to change the fabric form regular to the Chrisanneclover fabric. We will re-estimate the price.
* You can upgrade the float.
* You can add the choker.

Please contact us about the upgrading.
We will inform you of the purchase of the upgrade ticket after estimating the additional cost.

Design&Color change order flow>>

* Color change and size change are available at the same price.
*In the case as follow, the price will be changed.

☆If you use different materials.
☆If you change the number of stones you will use on the dress.
☆If you change the design of the dress from sample dress significantly, we neet to re-estimate.

You can make a Haute couture by the color change

You can make a Order by Phone as well.


Spandex Color chart

Stretch lace color chart

Stretch velvet color chart

Color chart of tulle

Color Chart of Horse Hair fabric

*In the case the fabric is out of stock, we cannt provide it. Please change to the similar color which we can provide.

* If you I have a strong preference for the color, please upgrade to the fabri made in England.。

*We don't change the design of the dress without stones. But we can change the size and color of it.

*We might use the similar fabric which keeps same quality as the sample fabric according to the stock status. Please understand that.

* Depending on the terminal displayed, colors may differ slightly. Please understand that.

Size table

(1) Neck, (2) Shoulder width, (3) Bust, (4)Waist, (5)Hip(13㎝ under the Umbilicus), (6) Hip(20㎝ under the Umbilicus)
(7) Circumference of upper arm, (8) Circumference of Wrist, (9) Shoulder to wrist, (10) Circumference of the arm base
(11) Dress length(Length from the shoulder through the bust top to the skirt hem)
(12) Torso(leotard size), (13) shoulder width on the back, (14) From the cervical spine to the waist,
(15) From the waist to the knee, (16) Length from the waist to the ground without shoes,
(17) Height, (18) Weight

Size chart

You can order even with the defined size


  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
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Semi Order:
  • Semi-order


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  • M
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$145.80 (Including tax) (exc tax $135.00)



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